There have been rumors that Apple would integrate its two operating systems for several years now. After all, it's obvious, no? Why maintain two when you can have one? On the other hand, the differences between the two are big: one is purely touch, the other one doesn't support it. But the main question is:

Does it make any sense to merge iOS and macOS? I don't think so.

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Look ma! A billion Apple devices! Photo by eleven x on Unsplash

Yet, with some recent news, the plot thickens. As I said, I don't believe that Apple will merge the two operating systems, I think they're working on very, very close integration. …

Teach the course yourself & be the expert

If you are open for opportunities 24/7 like I am, you probably got this question a few times too many. Sometimes, the certification seems more important than your experience. You’ve walked the walk and you can talk the talk, but you don’t have the little paper. I’ve seen project managers with 25+ years experience get refused because they didn’t have the right certification. Unbelievably frustrating. So how can you handle this question?

Common (and uncommon) ways to discuss certifications

Here are a few ways you can react when the interviewer asks you about your certifications.

Explain, explain

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No, really! I am great! You know! Really! REALLY!

You start explaining that you have so much experience in your field, that a certification isn’t required anymore. You have proven to adapt to different methodologies. You worked in an environment that used that methodology. Nothing works. The interviewer remains unfazed. You’re only making it worse: the more you argue, the more you’re proving to be hard to work with. …

I attended a concert by the Icelandic pianist Vikingur Ólafsson yesterday. In between the pieces, he told us some stories about his collaboration with Philip Glass a few years ago.

He was in New York with Glass, preparing for a concert, in late Januari 2014. The concert was taking place in Sweden so Glass and Vikingur got up around 4am to catch the plane. The day was so busy, they didn’t have time to drop their luggage off at the hotel. Rehearsals, then the concert itself. Vikingur recalled it as “a typical musician’s day”.

When the concert was over, Glass invited Vikingur for dinner. Around midnight, Glass started receiving text messages on his phone: it was his 77th birthday! …

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