Thank you for responding, Peter!
Reverend Molly Johnson


Sorry about referring to you as ‘Charlotte’ in my previous post, I murt have gotten confused while reading through the thread ☺

What resonates with me in Carse’s book? While it’s of course something that can almost only be judged by others in Carse’s situation, he seems like a most genuine example of somebody who has ‘woken up’ (to use the Buddha’s term). It compares very much with the writings by others like Eckhart Tolle or Tony Harding. Compared to Tolle, though, it is less philosophical and less new-age, particularly his more recent work.

But what in me does it resonate with, then? I can sometimes go ‘back to the basics’, what I call the Here, which is what happens. All stories, memories and ‘drama’ (Tolle’s term) happen in Here, but they just pass by and go away again. In Zen, they’re referred to as clouds in the sky. You can’t point to what the sky is, but it’s what’s always there.