Teach yourself this desensitization-relaxation technique to use whenever you need to de-stress and focus

Circles drawn in sand.
Circles drawn in sand.
Image credit: Studio Doros

Originally developed by German psychiatrist Johannes Heinrich Schultz, autogenic training is a relaxation and desensitization technique that has been used for more than 100 years. It uses a series of visualizations and self-suggestions, similar to a form of meditation, which you can use to reduce stress and tension.

I became familiar with the technique when I was about 15. Since then, I have been practicing it for many years: It helped me to rebuild my self-confidence and it has been one of the key factors in my ongoing victory over my speech disorder.

There are numerous online resources about autogenic…

After presenting my first scientific paper, I could no longer pretend that I didn’t have a problem

A man presenting to a room full of people.
A man presenting to a room full of people.
Image credit: DIPA.

One in four children go through a stuttering phase when learning to talk. In most cases, it is only a short transition phase when the brain needs more time to develop the skills necessary for the complex phenomenon called human speech.

Perhaps you were one of those stuttering children and you do not even have any memory of it. I know I was not (I asked my mum). My stuttering appeared later when I was already capable of reading.

I vaguely remember those first moments when I realized I could not pronounce words: I knew what I wanted to say…

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