One Year Out: Still Gay, Still Republican
James Richardson

Being neither gay nor republican, I can’t say that I comprehend excatly what it means to be either. For instance, a Teletubby has been accused of being gay even though, um… it, doesn’t appear to have genitalia. And former representative Larry Craig said in an interview with Matt Lauer, after being arrested for soliciting in a men’s room, that he’s not gay because he does “not live the gay lifestyle.” The only plausible interpretation I’ve been able to arrive at from that statement is, if you like penises but not parades, you’re not gay. It’s okay if I don’t understand.

And as for being republican, I live in North Carolina. As you might be aware, this state’s Republican governor just past a law that is written to purposely discriminate against the LGBT community. This seems consistent with Republican policy; that’s it’s more important to legislate out of ignorant fear than a meaningful scientific and social understanding of an issue.

It seems to me that people make their voting choices due to two or three social issues, not because of hair-dos or breast pins. My two or three social issues include the rights of the LGBT community, so I don’t ever vote Republican. So, I have to ask, are you a Republican who doesn’t vote Republican? And, do you not like parades?

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