It’s not entirely clear how copyright infringement is metaphorically analagous to rape.
Nathan Emmett

Nathan, I appreciate your response. I’ve also read some of your responses to other’s comments.

To clarify the rape metaphor for you, rape is a form of theft. The person raped still materially possesses their body, but something substantive has been robbed from them. I’m surprised you do not know this. If this remains difficult for you, please ask a few victims if anything was stolen from them.

As far as me feeling worse at being plagiarized, that does ask for empathy and imagination from the reader, and was not meant as a hard proof.

I have to wonder why none of the comments you’ve made on this topic read like they are those of a doubting citizen, someone trained in philosophy, or a patron of the arts. They are very lawyerly. Your rhetoric is crafty, but not without fallacy or feigned ignorance. I appreciate your tactics, but you do not have my vote.

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