OMG. Buffer Lost HALF Its Social Media Traffic This Year. What Does It Mean?
Larry Kim

Larry — perhaps the key here is that people have forgotten what is fundamental and runs through the heart of what social media is about — not marketing our “stuff”, but being social, i.e. actually taking time to make connections and build relationships — properly — in the online world.

Instead social media today has become yesterday’s banner ads — interruption marketing where every post about our content just adds more noise resulting in yet more ignorance of it. Imagine if we turned up to a party or a business networking meeting and just talked about ourselves. People would soon drift away and go and find somewhere where there was a genuine conversation going on, i.e. not one with an agenda, but one that was inclusive because it was founding on listening and engaging with others, not shouting above them.

Perhaps if we took time to do the hard miles of making connections and building relationships of value, then social media would become social again — founded on the well-built bridges between us, not rickety structures we try to drive our bus across.