Sexism is Hard to Explain
Kel Campbell

Send those idiots to England for a little education. If they don’t get it, send them to Berlin. Just to tell You what I mean — a little story about typical Berlin action: a rather petite friend of mine walked the Kuhdamm with me and we saw a high end couple next to a Porsche. The man was berating the woman about how she looked terribe — she didn’t. The woman was in tears. My friend walked up to the man, slapped him on his lower arse (the other one was yelling), and when he turned like he wanted to attack her she said “nice butt. But why on earth do You wear it on your neck?” — and walked away.

You should have been confident enough to ignore him or tell him “if You want to be polite, come over here and open MY door.” In any case rewarding his being an ass is wrong.

The core of being polite is to do it without agenda and to make the other person feel comfortable. NOT the WOMAN — PERSON. Any man who is polite only to women should expect them to give him the stinkeye.

Anyone who is impolite to one to SEEM to be polite to another is an ass. Like someone who holds a door open and makes her go to another door than the one she stands before. Or someone who holds a door open for someone but shoves another aside to let his intended pass.

Another friend of mine told me how to make sure someone is right for her. She said to watch him treat others. Like the waiter in a restaurant. Because that is the way he will treat her when he has what he wanted. It is a good way to see who is polite out of egotism and who is because it is in their nature to be.

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