Top PWA Frameworks To Create Progressive Web Apps

Peter Mark
Jan 14 · 3 min read

With the increasing popularity of Progressive Web Apps, they have become a sought-after web solution for mobile users. They offer a more immersive experience and native app-like functionalities. Due to the benefits that PWAs offer, there is a significant growth in progressive web app development and businesses are investing in PWAs. Web frameworks are playing an important role in developing progressive web apps. There are many front-end web frameworks that can be utilized for creating PWAs. The following is a list of such top web frameworks used to create progressive web apps.


Developed by Google, AngularJS is one of the topmost web frameworks that use the JavaScript ecosystem for creating robust and reliable web applications. Version 5 of Angular introduced the new Service Worker as a support for creating progressive web apps. Below are the pros and cons of AngularJS:


Supports MVC framework

Comes with IntelliSense and TypeScript

Due to CLI, there is a smaller learning curve with the newer version

Well-defined methodology for implementation

Large community support


Has a high degree of complexity compared to other frameworks

Require expertise to master older versions

Due to the use of TypeScript, the learning curve is steeper.


This is another framework developed by Google that provides several benefits of creating robust web apps. Being an open-source framework, there is also a large community that contributes to the growth of the framework. Below are the pros and cons of this framework:


Offers various base components including web components that work in multiple web browsers.

Offers a complete web app stack with responsive layouts, data tier, routing, and more.

API that is easy to understand

Provides comprehensive documentation

No need to deploy additional debugging tools as it works with browser embedded development tools.


No official IDE

No server-side rendering that increases reloading time

Increased HTTP requests and low SEO-friendliness


ReactJS is maintained by Facebook and is counted among the best PWA toolkits. It is a JavaScript library and uses JSX for connecting to HTML structures. It can be used to create effective PWAs. The following is a list of the pros and cons of this framework.


Extensive ecosystem

Virtual DOM makes rendering speedy

Large community support

Apps developed with React offers high scalability and flexibility

The same code for web apps can be used for Native.

Has a moderate learning curve compared to other frameworks


It requires knowledge of JSX

Not very simple to write components like in HTML and JavaScript

High flexibility is sometimes an issue

Code to be rewritten in JSX to migrate from AngularJS

No properly-defined implementation methodology


It is the fastest-growing web framework with its simplicity of coding and high-speed rendering. VueJS can be used for creating powerful progressive web applications. The following are the pros and cons of PWAs:


Flexible to set up using TypeScript and JSX

A preferred framework for many big players

Simplicity of coding makes it an easy-to-use web framework

Has a simple structure and follows many concepts from Angular 1 and React frameworks.

It uses Virtual DOM to expedite the rendering


Has a small supporting team

The legacy code from Angular 1.5 has to be modified for use with this framework

These are some of the top web frameworks for creating robust progressive web apps. The decision of choosing a single framework for PWA development depends on the experience and skills of your developer. Look for a good PWA developer to build your progressive web app now.

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