Importance as attachment

The importance of attachment

Watch out for that level of importance you give to things in life. The more attachment you have the more it will take from you. In the end the most important in your life will be the one to bring you down, so your freedom is in the balance.

We create our own chains, that we attach to different things. The higher the importance of something we are attached to the stronger becomes the chain and the stronger it starts to pull you towards itself. It might become so, that we totally lose our freedom, because the connection is so strong and all of our attention is focused on one thing. We become slaves of our own creation.

So where is the freedom?

The freedom is in the understanding of the way the world works. Nothing in the world is eternal. Everything changes and that is the nature of it. We do also change and the change might happen fast. We will always feel insecure if we give too much importance to things, that can be lost in a moment.

Many things in life one way or another will try to throw you off the balance. It might appear so, that the whole world works against us to get us on our knees. Some people feel the constant pressure of life. To them life is a constant battle with external stimuli, but it isn’t so, if you understand, that the whole battle of life is going on inside our heads. We do create our own problems and then reinforce them by giving more and more importance.

What can be done about it?

Look inside yourself and ask what are the things you give so much importance to in your life? What are the people, that you put on a pedestal? Why do you do it? Every big problem you create will make you you feel smaller. Every person you admire in your life will make you lose part of your own self. Do not let yourself feel big or small by comparing yourself to others.