The first person you should love…

Appreciation of self

We do tend to make the same mistake again and again. We don’t appreciate the value of what we have. Well, until we start losing it.

How many times have we promised ourselves or others, that the next time everything will be different? Each time you get sick you swear you will take better care of your health. Next time. You will do better work. Next time. And the story keeps repeating itself like an ancient curse cast upon you by some evil entity.

What could be the reason for such a behavior and what can be done about it?

One of the main reasons for this is the lack of respect towards your own self and lost feeling of gratitude for small things in life.

Appreciation of what you have is the skill. The same kind of skill, that if it isn’t practiced often enough gets very weak or disappears altogether.

We do get used to everything good very fast and need more too quick. No matter how great you felt about your new car, clothes or anything else that feeling does fade away quickly. If you aren’t conscious of many amazing things in life you already have, then the life becomes a constant hunt for more awesomeness until there isn’t anything to satisfy you anymore.

If you truly loved yourself, then you would avoid destructive habits. You are the first person you need to truly learn how to love in order to spread this love towards other people. All negative things, that you have towards other people are the reason you have this lack of love towards yourself.

I’ve been there many times myself. I drank too much, but I could never feel like it was enough. I ate too much, but couldn’t satisfy this hunger until I almost puked. I worked out too much until I could barely function during the day. I worked too much until my body gave up and I would come back to reality with a cold or flu. All of this was accompanied by constant feeling of guilt and disgust with myself. Until I asked myself the question. Why do I punish myself? Why do I hate myself so much? I would never do that to people I love. I would never do such a thing to the people I don’t know. Why am I doing it to myself?

Most of the people do this to themselves each day. We don’t like what we are. We want to be something else.

I started appreciating what I am and what I have more. I would like you to try to do the same.

Practice gratitude every day. Learn how to appreciate the smallest things in life and enjoy it no matter how tough the situation seems to be. Start living more in the present moment without regret of the past and worry about the future. Stop condemning and judging others by stopping doing it to yourself first.

If you learn to appreciate what you already have, then your life will become full of wonderful things just by changing the perspective. Your life doesn’t depend on the bright future anymore and there is no more beating yourself up about the past failures. You enjoy your life, because you are what you are. You will never be something else and loving yourself is the only sane thing to do.

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