Thank you for such descriptive posts!
Jennifer Weigle

Yeah, I still feel pressure in my left part of the head. Especially, when I look at the computer screen for more than 2 hours, I am not sure if that is the result of the pressure inside my eye or it is the result of my ghosting or double vision in my left eye. There could be 2 causes for that, 1, it is the result of the surgery, which alters the cornea shape and induce the astigmatism, or it could be the result of the misfit of the ICL in my eye. I wonder why they did YAG laser irridotomies, since there is aquaport and shame your eye responded that way to the surgery. I would consider removal in your case, pressure can cause all sorts of long term side effects. The pressure builds up when the humor inside the eye cannot flow properly, perhaps you have some issues.

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