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What role a Car plate rotator plays-

Our Flipping tag gadget permits two tags, with a push of catch, will turn 180 degrees, transforming one number into another inside 2 seconds. You can put 2 distinctive tags on each side(back and back),with the remote, and utilize one plate while in the wake of squeezing other.

What a Car number rotator plate carries?

Full pack accompanies 2 tag outlines, 1 remote, 1 operation box with a catch to work the unit, and it accompanies a double LED light marker. Driven marker has 2 LED lights on it, one for front unit and one for the back pack. At the point when the front pack is in Hiding position the front LED illuminates, and when the back unit is in Hiding position the second LED illuminate.

Unique ranges of car plate rotators available in Stealth Plate-

European Version flipping number plate Car number plate rotator

$399.00 $219.00

European Version License Plate Flipper Automatic Flip

$399.00 $219.00

New Arrival Upgrade European Version License Plate Flipper with Remote

$399.00 $219.00

Installation Instructions: it is just, you can DIY

• Utilize the screws to settle the edges on both front and back tag

• Pull the associate links from the left or right concealed link channels into the Cab.

• Put the control confine right position of the driver`s lodge

• Hide the plate with a remote or the control box

Items Description of the car number rotator plate-

• Detail: Size: 525mm*135mm*25mm

• Material: ABS Plastic

• Info voltage: DC 12V

• Rating current: 0.6A

• Rating power: 2W

• Length of wire: 2M*1, 3.3M*1, 5.9M*1/outside pointer light: 2M

• Separation of control: 50m

• Time of rising and plummet: 3 seconds

• Weight: 4 kg Package including

(plate* 2pcs ,control box* 1pcs ,connector* 1unit,electric wire* 3pcs, outside pointer light* 1unit, bolt*4unit)