I love JavaScript. What’s wrong with that?
Richard Kenneth Eng

For the sake of being pedantic, here is a dump of my Quora response on Medium:

I agree with you on one point only: “To do well in the IT industry, you need to be a polyglot.”

I’m curious to know when was the last time you’ve built a modern JavaScript application in today’s JavaScript, because your arguments are the same arguments circa 2000. That would be akin to me arguing in 2016 that people should stop using Java and use a better language like C++ because Java is slow (which it notoriously was circa 1996)

Nevertheless, you seem to purposefully ignore the existence of an entire class of modern applications in a number of different domains.

So, let me be of help here…


  • Microsoft built Visual Studio Code that brings the benefits of a fully-integrated IDE into a lightweight and FAST editor using JavaScript and ElectronJS.
  • Why not in C#, especially if ASP .NET is now open-source and cross-platform?
  • Google built Google Play Music client in JavaScript
  • Why not in Dart, which transpiles down to JS?
  • Adobe built Brackets in JavaScript
  • Github built A hackable text editor for the 21st Century in JavaScript and ElectronJS
  • Slack built the Slack desktop app in JavaScript and ElectronJS
  • Docker built Kitematic desktop app in JavaScript
  • Nylas N1 built a modern email client in JavaScript
  • Word-Press built a desktop app in JavaScript
  • Mozilla built a new browser in JavaScript (brave.com)
  • WebTorrent is a torrent client, built with JavaScript, that streams torrent content without downloading it
  • HyperTerm is a terminal built with JavaScript
  • Rocket Chat, Slack’s competitor, built a desktop app in JavaScript
  • Basecamp built Basecamp3 in JavaScript
  • Uber built a desktop app in JavaScript
  • Popcorn Time is a JS desktop app that streams movies and TV shows from torrent
  • … and many many more desktop Apps


  • Apple Store is a native JavaScript application
  • Facebook is re-writing different apps with React-Native (Facebook, Groups, Ad Manager, F8, Instagram)
  • Airbnb built the iOS and Android app with React-Native
  • Vogue app with React-Native
  • CBS Sports Franchise Football app with React-Native
  • SoundCloud Pulse app with React-Native
  • … and many more mobile apps: Showcase

IoT & Devices:

  • Pebble Watch has a JS run-time and 10,000+ JS apps on the Pebble Store to run on the watch
  • NASA uses Node.JS, Rethink-DB, and Docker containers for their Space-suites
  • The Grove built an entire self-sustaining ecosystem with NodeJS
  • Apple TV has JavaScript applications
  • Not to mention the countless drones and autonomous robots operated with NodeJS

You can hate on JavaScript all you want, but no other language has a wide of a reach as JavaScript does, despite all of its shortcomings.

Does JavaScript have quirks? Absolutely, but so does other class-based programming languages.

So, your argument that JavaScript is bad because it is prototypal inheritance and class-based programming languages are good because the IT industry uses class-based programming languages is no more than a straw man logical fallacy.

The paradigm of the language has no impact on its design. Not to mention, some class-based languages are known for being notoriously bad (case-in-point: PHP, which you list under the “good language” category).