Haven’t read the rest of the entries, but if you got everyone else’s as wrong as you got mine this…
Caitlin Johnstone

Here’s a strange thing; when I saw you posting about this “Assadists” story on Twitter or Facebook I went to check it out, but found that my Medium app would freeze every time, not allowing me to read or comment on the story, and keeping me out of my account for several minutes. This only happened when I went to look at that story, everything else functioned normally. It’s been three days of this now. I’m simply unable to interact with that particular story.

While I tend to think that there is just some weird bug or random malfunction at play, there is a part of me that entertains an alternative theory; that some AI algorithm is scanning stories/accounts and determining that some accounts, due to some of their past content (My last story was about Big Tech, Censorship, and the Atlantic Council) can’t be allowed near certain other accounts.