Let’s just really press into the spirit tonight

I’m a twenty-something and I don’t belong here.
The language, the rhetoric, the tricks of the game; it just doesnt work for me.
It’s all so French to me.

Happy clappy, emotional feely.
On command, following the crowd.
Pumped up, slowly swaying.
Look at us being good at the game.

I am so, so done with this game.
My soul is numbed down by all the repeating rhetoric.

Lift Him high, lift up our voices.
Try squeezing it in into your 30 minutes slot.

Nobody knows what we’re singing about and nobody cares.
It is us together, this is what we do.

I can’t do this performance anymore, I want out of this.

Let’s just really press into the spirit tonight, lift your hands up.
I don’t want to be forced into delusional feelings. I don’t want any tricks.

I want the truth.
I want to be inspired by the beauty of the light.

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