Programming Unworthiness: Versailles and the Sneetches

In the long thread of human experience is found a disquieting lineage of perpetual inequality.

I’ve been watching the series “The Tudors” and “Versailles” about royalty in the 17th century. It’s complete with everything you’d expect: opulence, courtesans, outrageous costumes, peasants and ostentatious wealth.

In earlier times, the justification for royalty was a notion that God had endowed them and their offspring with the right to rule over others and to enjoy their immense privilege.

Dr. Seuss wrote “Sneetches,” a short story in which sneetches (lovable pot-bellied creatures) are forever trying to separate themselves from the rest of their fellow creatures by placing stars upon their bellies. When all the sneetches finally have stars, then the elite ones have their stars removed, perpetuating an endless cycle of star emblazoning and removal.

Designer logos anyone?

In modern times, we are told that democracy rules and our system and the results of this system are dictated by choice. This, despite a recent study by Princeton University proving that the average American has ZERO influence over the political process.

Today, inequality is flourishing, thanks to the following:

· Color of skin

· Gender

· Religion

· Elite schools

· Money

· Family

· Place of birth

· Membership in elite clubs

All these factors continue to influence who enjoys privilege and who does not.

Embedded in the paradigm is the notion that some are more worthy of wealth, luxury, fame, freedom, education, clean water, medical care, safety than are others.

If some are more worthy of these things, then it’s clear: others are less worthy.

This illusion of unworthiness seeps into the very marrow of children as they grow into this world and observe what others have and do not have.

It becomes their internal programming.

Their programming largely dictates their future just as software programming dictates the operation of machines.

It tells them they are unworthy.

When the programming remains unchanged, the outcome is pre-ordained and the world continues to wobble, unbalanced by gross inequality.

On the deepest level, each of us knows in our heart that all humans are equal. We know that we are all cells in the same body.

When we see small children playing, we know they are all beautiful lights shining with equal brilliance.

While we may accept this truth for others, we somehow deny our own brilliant light.

We feel unworthy when:

· We view our bank account

· Look at our clothes

· Go to our high school reunion

· Interview for a job

· Look for a partner

And so much more…

Still, there are those who receive a different type of programming from their caregivers or find ways to change their own minds and rise above the illusion of unworthiness.

They have recognized at some level their own magnificence. They have found a method to change their internal programming.

This is when outcomes change.

Change begins with a conscious awareness and it ends when the subconscious accepts the new assertion as truth.

Change begins with you and me: when we tire of the pain of perceived inadequacy; when we tire of the race to get ahead…

We will, like the sneetches, rejoice in our common divinity and the world will balance upon its axis.

Mantras, hypnosis and meditation are pathways into the subconscious mind. They are all tools to help you finally accept your worthiness.

Below are two YouTube videos I made for accepting your own inner perfection:

I Am Worthy of Love:

I Am Worthy of Wealth:

Namaste (The divine spark in me recognizes the divine spark in you.)

Princeton Study Link: Photo Credit: ahundt Pixabay