(In Memory of Clare Veronica Walsh)

He gets up early Christmas morn
The sky is soft and gray
The house asleep
He pictures angels
Floating overhead
And all at once
The world’s at peace
Tomorrow he will not remember

No more
No Christmas songs
Joy and peace
Do not belong
Put out the fire
And dim the lights
There are no words
On this truly silent night.

Candy canes and Christmas cards
And family near and far
One daughter’s here,
Another’s not –
She sent geraniums
And all that’s good and safe
Vanishes while you sit waiting for a
Call that never comes

No more
No Christmas Songs
Joy and peace
Are dead and gone
No carols gay
No children play
A child is gone
Died on Christmas day.

© 2012 Peter Melnick



Peter Melnick

COMPOSER, SONGWRITER, AUTHOR, BLOGGER With a passion for story-telling.