I’m tired of animal-like qualities being used to describe the athleticism of Serena Williams; weary of the racism and sexism which tries to marginalize respect and awe of her athletic dominance.
Why I’m Not Watching The Olympic Games
Crystal A. deGregory, PhD

Completely bizarre, really. I don’t understand why this article tries to paint world-class athletes who earn millions of dollars a year and are respected around the world as victims of racism. This—quite paradoxically — reduces these people to mere embodiments of the “black people are held back by society” story.

These athletes put in the work, go on the playing field and do their job, often very successfully. Yet, articles like this instrumentalize them for an agenda that is based on victimization. These people are no victims.

White supremacism is probably the ideology with the least political power. No notable position in politics is occupied by an obvious white supremacist.

I recommend authors like Shelby Steele or John McWhorter who make a lot more sense on this topic than this article.

And yes. Excellence is the only answer. What else would it be?

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