Completely bizarre, really.
Peter Meter

Shelby Steele, who I just mentioned, sees articles like this as a move to gain power through innocence. Black people are portrayed as innocent victims which gives them to moral high ground which in turn gives them power over the “racists”. This article manipulates white guilt and victimizes blacks in order to promote that agenda.

Really, you will rarely see someone who is making that much sense on this:

The basic problem with this approach is that someone using it will lose power if racism would indeed be eradicated. This creates an incentive to bend reality in way that racism appears stronger than it is.

It is really astonishing that this happens with back athletes, however. Black people are among the most accomplished athletes: Jordan, Woods, Ali, Williams, L. Hamilton, Bolt and many, many more. Yet, this article uses them like a commodity, to gain the moral high ground. Power through innocence. Investing in this strategy is bound to bring us more and more “racism”—really a bottomless pit. These are the real racists: those who put limiting beliefs on black people. Those who claim that the cards are stacked against us.

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