This comment under this post on over-sensitivity and victimhood. It’s a good example of the deflection, dismissal and denial that Blacks deal with every day after speaking up. I’ve learned how to craft measured responses. Most times I don’t respond at all. Because thou shalt not argue on the internets. But I’m sure comments like this, some more articulate than others, will keep coming. Stay tuned. Tiring, isn’t it? (Added Aug. 14)
Required reading if you’re trying to understand what it’s like to be Black in America
Kari Cobham

The comment is perfectly reasonable. Articles like this one build a victim culture that invests in the poetic truth that racism is still the greatest barrier for blacks to participate in the mainstream. As Shelby Steele puts it: “Poetic truth lies just a little; it bends the actual truth in order to highlight what it believes is a larger and more important truth.”