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Peter Moorhouse
Nov 30, 2016 · 3 min read

If you understand the ideologies for marketing, you understand the ideologies of linking building. How you obtain links or create links may be individualized to the site or project; but, the philosophy is the same as “traditional” marketing. Link building is not magic.

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Some of the basics of marketing are:

Niche research: Determining the environment for your links and the position of the market to decide which links to pursue.

Competitive analysis: Studying your competitors’ back-links to set bars and obtain expectations.

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Audience development: Doing research on sites or blogs to determine where your potential clients are so you can develop links.

Motivated messaging: Making sure the quality of your links is known.

Consistent effort: It is very important to be consistent in updating your links.

Targeted promotion: Finding opportunities that are reasonable and justifiable to create a link.

If you can master these principles, you will success in link building as well as marketing.

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Niche Research

It is important as SEOs to know where people are so you can assess sites and determine opportunities for growth. Tools like Majestic allow you to look at sites and analyze back-links.

Another thing to examine is influencers in your niche. You can reach out to these influencers to talk about your site and related things. Places you can go are BuzzSumo and BussStream Directory.

Audience Development

It is incredibly important to understand your audience in order to make links that will generate quality traffic and potential customers. This requires manual researching. You need to understand where your potential customers are online and where and how to create quality and respectable links to your site. Some things that can be incorporated to your site are blogs, social media, forums, or social media.

Studying Your Competitor

This is important because you find out what is working well for your competitors in regards to blogs, types of links, video, and how successful they are. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel if it is already there. So, make sure you review your competitors and determine where your information needs to be competitive.

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Target Performance

The goal of any good and proficient marketer is to create campaign strategies to increase brand awareness and hopefully increase consumers purchases and/or involvement with your site. You want the right site in front of the right customer so those who are on your site will likely get involved. You do not want much traffic of customers who will never buy anything from your site. This is obviously not helpful for product revenue.

Communication Is Key

If you do not communicate with what a potential customer needs to hear to make a purchase or to make it memorable, then they will likely not interact with your site. Improvement in communication with your customer base is critical for success.

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You need to have consistent effort in link building. If you are not consistently being involved to make updates to your information, you will lose the interest of people and lose customers. Follow the ideas of these marketing concepts, and they will help you rise to success.

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