It’s okay to vote for Hillary
Jay W. Cobb

This piece reminds me of Sir Humphrey Appleby’s line in “Yes, Minister”: “No one was remotely concerned [about some scandal or other]. What outraged them was being told about it.”

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are evil, cynical users of people. They have, in different ways, traded human flesh for wealth and power.

Donald Trump is loud, crude, and obnoxious. He throws his evil in your face, repeatedly. Hillary Clinton lies prettily. She hides her evil from you just enough for you to tolerate it.

You’re a hypocrite. When you support a bully, you support bullying. And you’re fine with it. What outrages you is being told about it.

That’s not virtue. It’s not okay. But keep telling yourself it is, because if you do it just one more time reality will change.

You need to re-read your Zito piece about fabulism and then re-read what you have written here.

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