The Top 4 Influencers in My Life

I hear it regularly said we are a product of who we hang around with. Which is true. But I also think we are a product of who we let influence us. This includes the leaders in our life, but also the books we read, YouTube videos we watch and blogs we consume. There is also a difference between viewing someone’s content and letting them influence the way you think and act. These are the four people who have probably had the biggest impact on the way I think, and act inside their field of knowledge.

Gary Vaynerchuk
Gary is my go to guy for advice on social media. He is a genius, a modern-day urban prophetic. He was one of the first people to host a YouTube show, WineLibraryTV, in the mid-2000’s. He is now huge on all platforms. What I love about Gary is his business philosophy, and the fact every thought, idea and strategy comes out of this philosophy. The amount of free content is puts to is better than any business book I’ve brought. If you are using social media to promote your business or just a personal blog, GaryVee will help you go to the next level in our influence and impact.

John Crowder
In September 2011 I was starting to come into the message of Grace. I had stumbled across Colossians 1:22 one day and became obsessed. It was after a year of reading Colossians 1:22 every day that I discovered John Crowder. He was articulating the Gospel in a way I had never heard before and he revealed to me just how much Jesus accomplished on the cross. His weekly YouTube videos by be a little offensive, but usually only because of the scandalous of the Gospel.

Tony Blair
One of earliest memories is Tony Blair winning the 1997 UK General Election and becoming Prime Minister. And I think it was then I developed my obsession with politics. There is few men that I cry every time I hear them speak but Tony Blair is one of them. His desire for a social democratic ideology which truly shapes the world around it has deeply effected my own political views. Now, his work for peace and prosperity around the world is how I’d like to sent my retirement years.

Bryn Jones
Bryn is a man many haven’t heard of, but for me he is a legend. The church movement I grew up in was pioneered by him. It’s to put into words the impact he has had on life. His desire for a church that preaches the kingdom, lives in covenant and longs for restoration, decades before others were talking about it, has become my foundation.

Who are the biggest influencers on your life?
Let me know!

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