Clinton Hall Makes its Mark on Arthur Ave

Back in October, Arthur Avenue was named by the American Planning Association (APA) as one of America’s Great Streets. This title has led to the renovation of certain buildings and the arrival of new restaurants in the area, with one of those eateries being Clinton Hall.

Located just off Arthur Ave on 189th street, Clinton Hall opened its doors on March 30th of this year. The first night was a considerable success, as Clinton Hall manager Derek explained. “The Rival at Fordham promoted us. We had a band and a DJ, and there were about 400 kids [from Fordham] who showed up. The line went around the corner up Hughes. The night was a tremendous success in our mind.”

The new restaurant serves a wide selection of dinner foods and foreign beer, and also has a lot of games that the customers can play, such as jenga and connect four. It’s the second installment of the original Clinton Hall, which is on Washington Street in Manhattan. Many customers went there on opening night and have since commented on how the place has a great amount of energy compared to the other bars in the area.

“The environment [at Clinton Hall] is like how most of the new bars are, with games and bands, and that usually leads to the atmosphere being lively,” says Fordham senior Elizabeth Kirk, “With how packed the place was on opening night, I think it’s gonna be a really fun place to hang out at, especially when word gets around campus.”

While the Clinton Hall franchise is looking to expand into the New York City neighborhoods of Seaport and Williamsburg, the Bronx Clinton Hall stays focused in on how to attract Fordham students and tourists of Arthur Ave. With the many bars and restaurants in the area, particularly places like Burger Lodge and Bronx Beer Hall, the goal is to stay different than the other places.

“We’re not really trying to compete with any of the bars up here [Like Mugz’s, Howl, or Blue Goose],” Derek stated, “They kind of own Friday and Saturday nights around here, and they can have that. But on the other nights, we feel like we offer a bit more than they do. You can sit down here after work and talk to your friends over a beer that, quite frankly, you can’t find at these other places.”

Fordham junior Stephen Mason added on with his sympathies towards Clinton Hall, “The place is so much more relaxed than a place like Mugz’s, Blue Goose, or Howl. I love coming here and just sitting down and talking to my friends about sports and stuff. It’s becoming the new hangout place around campus. Hopefully it doesn’t get overrun by freshman like some of the places do around here.”

Some of the other restaurants aren’t too happy about the arrival of Clinton Hall. One employee at Burger Lodge, who preferred anonymity, stated his initial concern with the new place. “I told my boss that I thought they were gonna be our only competition, but then I get there, and the burger was tiny. It didn’t taste that good either. After that, I was completely okay with them being there. I don’t think they will last that long anyway.”

Regardless of the competitors, Derek is optimistic about what he’s heard from people in the area. “It’s starting to become the place for young people. For the Fordham suits to come after their internships and relax. I like what it’s doing for the area, and we’re happy to place our mark on Arthur Avenue and its great culture.”

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