The crypto community is no stranger to infighting. Twitter trolls viscerally attack the efforts of stable coin projects. The block size debate has driven a fissure directly through the bitcoin community, engendering hate speech of epic (and sometimes laughable) proportions. Accusations of fraud, Ponzi schemes, and scams are thrown around — and within — crypto communities more liberally than those of witchcraft in Salem, MA circa 1690. Yet there is one thing around which crypto factions can all rally: their hatred of Jamie Dimon.

Why the hate, you might ask? Let’s begin by considering what Jamie represents. He is the…

Yesterday’s market represented the largest intraday losses in the history of crypto assets. Billions of dollars was destroyed as markets tumbled, and then bounced a bit.

Here are some thoughts we had:

This market is not for the faint of heart. Crypto volatility can be incredibly emotional for investors with significant investments in crypto. For those reasons, it is critical to be principled in your investing. Set rules for yourself to protect your logic from emotion. Create buy and sell rules to keep yourself disciplined. Stick to them.

Was this market manipulation? Evidence: let’s take ETH as an example. The…

Last week I wrote a piece on what bitcoin futures would bring for crypto investors. I want to thank everyone who reached out afterwards, and give a special shout to Ellen DaSilva for helping spread the word.

I concluded the last piece suggesting investors consider re-balancing their crypto portfolios, which led to a host of follow up questions including: What are the other cryptoassets out there? Why would I diversify my bitcoin when it’s doing so well?

This piece will attempt to answer all of those questions. Seeing as the investment acumen of readers can vary, I am going to…

Bitcoin Futures are coming. What does it mean for you?

Those hoping to finance holiday shopping with bitcoin just hit the jackpot; in just the past week, bitcoin appreciated 50%, adding to its meteoric rise in 2017. But given the release of bitcoin futures starting December 10th will this run continue?

In this piece, I’m going to take a deep dive into what will be a major milestone in bitcoin trading: the release of futures contracts. …

Peter Nolan

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