Live,Study and Work in Africa

African Home stay is a specially designed program that gives you an opportunity to LIVE,STUDY and WORK with an African family. The program is ideal for those visiting Africa for a period of between 1 week to 3 months but don’t want to spend a lot on expensive food and hotel accommodation.
You will be accommodated in African homes either in the cities or in the countryside depending on your choice. You will be under no obligation to help your host with any work but you will be free to lend a hand in any kind of voluntary WORK in the community.
Africa has a diverse rich culture, made from the customs, traditions and practices.While you will be visiting the continent, you will have a chance to LIVE with a family and interact with the people from these different tribes and STUDY the richness of their culture.
Before your arrival in Africa we will arrange for a family to host you for the period your stay.We will introduce you to the family so that you can start communication before your arrival. You will have a chance to exchange information about each other and maybe exchange photos too. This will help you to get to know each other before your arrival.
We will request the family to have a separate room for you in their home. We will personally inspect the accommodation arrangements that the family will make for you .We will also ensure that the family can be able to offer the required facilities for your comfortable living and be able to cater for those personal requests that you will make.
On the date of your arrival in Africa, we will pick you from the airport and drive you to the home of your host. If the family will prefer it, they will themselves pick you from the airport.
You will come into the continent on a tourist visa. Before your departure from your country, please make sure that you have the necessary insurance cover for the period of your stay in Africa.
When finding you a family to host you, security consideration will be of paramount importance .However, you will be required to observe some basic family rules, like the latest time you can come into the house. This is for the sake of your security and the security of the family too.
We will arrange for tours and excursions to game parks, museum and other sceneries that you would like to visit.
On your arrival in Africa, we shall give you a cell phone to keep in contact with us and the host family. You will return the cell-phone to us on your date of departure. You will also be free to visit our offices any time you wish and use the internet and email service for free for up to 2 hours every day we are open. Our offices remain open from 8.00 am to 7pm all days except Sundays.
Should you feel uncomfortable with your stay in your host’s house, you are required to inform us immediately so that we can change the host for you. If need be, we will immediately move you to a guesthouse or hotel before we find you another family to host you.
While you live with the host family, you will be required to give the family a small amount as your contribution for food and accommodation. The amount of your weekly contribution will depend on where your host family lives but will not exceed US $75. Specific amount of your weekly contribution will be notified to you once you have declared your interest.
If your interest is to have a practical experience of the African life, we will arrange this for you. In this kind of arrangement, you will have a chance to experience the kind of life that people in Africa go through every day, the struggles and challenges they have to go through each day. As such no special facilities are provided and you will live and eat like a real African.