how i read/write on Facebook:

Reading Posts: i don’t assume postings in my Inbox are sent only to me. I just skim titles looking for items and/or people of interest and then open the few that might interest me. The rest i ignore.

My Reposts: my repostings are related to my digital readings. From various source, i repost items that might be of interest to me, when and if i have time to read them. They are a first screening. I don’t assume they will be of interest to my FB friends. That is for them to consider, if they are so inclined.

Original Posts: my written postings are me writing down drafts of my thoughts (for me) in an attempt to clarify them and/or to aid retrieving them in the future. I don’t assume others will be interested in them. They are drafts of thoughts i would like to reconsider. (If other people find them worth reading, fine with me.)

i understand my Facebook M.O. is not normal Facebook procedure.