VCASH accepted the invitation by the Central Bank of Nigeria to join hands in commemorating the 2019 World Savings Day.

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VCASH accepted the invitation (CPD/DIR/GEN/CES/04/063) by the Central Bank of Nigeria to join hands in commemorating the 2019 World Savings Day.

The World Savings Day is a program that was established since 31st October, 1924 by World Society of Savings Bank in Milano, Italy, during the international Savings Bank Congress. The objective is to stress the importance of savings for modern economies and individuals alike. The day is celebrated worldwide on 31st of October every year.

The 2019 World Savings Day with the theme: “Savings Give Life a Lift” would be celebrated across the world on October 30, 2019. Stakeholders are encouraged to implement various activities to commemorate the event.

In particular, stakeholders are encouraged to participate in the flagship activity tagged “the school mentoring programme”; an initiative where school children are visited and mentored on the importance of learning, earning a livelihood, and inculcating the culture of savings, 2financial discipline and the need to become model citizens.

The Central Bank of Nigeria intends to participate in the commemoration of this global event by implementing School Reach-out and Mentoring program in the six geo-political zones across the country.

We are excited to be a part of this laudable initiatives. As a licensed Mobile Payment Operator with an IMTO license, we are positioned strategically to deploy solutions to encourage savings culture nationwide.

The importance of saving money cannot be overstated. One, there is the element of peace of mind and options to make individual decisions that can affect the quality of life. Those who make smart investment decisions in combination with savings can rely on the returns and savings when they retire.

VTNETWORK LIMITED (VCASH) is a leader in Nigeria Fintech space. It developed its platform in 2007 after several years processing transactions led to research into the peculiarities and challenges for electronic commerce in Nigeria. The platform has been tested in Nigeria since 2007, moving billions of Naira monthly.

The company is fully licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria for mobile payments and as IMTO. The platform is unique due to its hybrid nature, the redundancy of its fully-fledged capabilities, and management knowledge of Nigerian digital consumers. It serves both m-payment and e-payment needs in the Nigerian market place.

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REMCO blockchain solution is a Tokenized money transfer platform with unparalleled speed, designed for licensed money transmitters.

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