#FromAllOfUs: ‘AirtelTaiwoDanPelu’ take a bow

To be relevant in modern day journalism simply implies knowing and applying the modern day tools, significantly.

TheJournalismClinic welcoming trainees to the #AirtelChangeYourStory workshop

I Definitely would like to know how Airtel Smartconnect(ed)with Taiwo Obe, the Journalists’s Clinician who has formed an alliance with Dan Mason, the Multimedia Guru that positively impacted Pelu Awofeso’s ‘WakaAbout’, as demonstrated during the just concluded #AirtelChangeYourStory (Lagos 2).

If we (the trainees) were to pay, in fact, only a handful of Nigerian journalists, who receive salaries and allowances in Naira, can actually afford such caliber of dynamic, and terrific training presented in a supersonic speed breaking the old held ‘journalese’ that have limited many of us for some time now.

Those reporting for international newspapers/channels, of course, who receive entitlements in dollars, pounds or euros, it takes courage to dole out ‘training fee’ these days, particularly when you were left to guess the scope, and the dimensions such training would cover.

Yes, Journalism Clinic pre-informed us that the three-day training revolves Multimedia, Mobile and Social Media Journalism Programme, true to that, every click of the keyboard, Dan Mason, my hero, unwrapped each topic in a calm, ‘fun-laced’ manner.

5 Key takeaways:

  1. Few of us happen ‘to be aware’ of the existence of some of the applications, but the ‘how to do’ was the missing link.

2. Professional socialization is important in the newsroom

Most times, you get the better angle, slant or headline to a story by ‘engaging’ colleagues in the newsroom.

3. Journalism is about asking unbiased questions and and seeking relevant answers

The five Ws+ How form the opium of journalism in asking relevant questions and sieving the answers, even when “Breaking News” occurs!

4. Google is a ‘coven’, presenting journalists with great apps, tools and ‘Chrome Extension’ to work with


screenshot of Google page showing tools for journalists

5. Writers should have the mastery of script presentation too

Presentation By Team Advocate

To this end, #FromAllOfUs we echo Thank You ‘AirtelTaiwoDanPelu’!

We applaud your visions, and courage to query our thinking; leading us to the theater to be operated upon by Dan, who in the last six years has shared his passion for learning and innovation as an international multimedia trainer.

I promise to make you proud!