6 smart ways start-ups can better manage their Team.

Start-up companies, usually begin with a clear desire to fix a problem that isn’t obvious or innovates and existing idea. Sometimes success isn’t usually guaranteed.

Most times when co-founder or employees join a start-up, they leave behind some form of stability and certainty behind in hope for astounding gain and the buzz of making an instant impact.

These employees have to be managed optimally to achieve the vision and mission of the business in the following ways:

1. Hear-out Every Idea and View Point.
In a start-up, lots of ideas are bound to fly around, either to break down the vision or mission into workable goals, suggestions of new ideas. Employees want to be able to contribute. Their manager/management must learn to give ear, listen, don’t brush off suggestions, and don’t be autocratic.

2. Keep to your Word.
When you say that something will or not be done; keep to it. There will be a lot of expectation on whatever you say to your employees. When inconsistencies become of your word, your employees might act in same way. It can start a habit that aid and consent lack of loyalty which will, in turn, affect delivery and their reliance.

3. Identify Weak Links.
Weak links can have a devastating effect. It affects company performance, demotivate the good performers. Their lack of mental power, intelligence or weakness must be addressed in certain ways that other employees don’t feel overused or been taking advantage off. So as not to lose the productive employees, you must address the underperformer.

4. Frequent Result Oriented Meetings.
frequent meeting helps fashion out company standards, structure and keeps everybody abreast with current happening, decision, ideas and root-in company vision and mission. If management isn’t meeting frequently with employees, they might feel left out of the companies development. But please don’t make the meeting longer than necessary.

5. Be Modest and Humble.
As a Manager, been modest and humble works better at maintaining a pleasant relationship with your team rather than lording over them or been arrogant. To be modest and humble doesn’t necessarily mean weakness. You can still be firm, decisive and discipline actions like; coming to meetings late, offensive behaviours, causing displeasure, irritating, annoying etc.

6. Delegate Effectively
Assign duties appropriately and constructively. leveraging on the energy of your team to achieve the company objective is a major task manager must do carefully. Duties must be appropriately delegated to the right team or individual to avoid excessively assigning duties. Don’t be apprehensive about assigning duties. You won’t lose your command either your influence on your team. Assigning duties mean knowing who to assign and who to follow up with on job state and speed

A team aligned behind a vision will move mountains. Sell them on your roadmap and don’t compromise – care about the details, the fit and finish.— Kevin Rose

Image: http://startupstockphotos.com/