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Here’s the rest of the story. I live in Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada. When the school my children attended did a nationality day there were 10 kids out of 365 standing under the Canadian flag. Of the 365 kids 8 had blond hair everyone else had brown eyes and black hair. The author doesn’t talk about how Asian families spurn white kids or how the parents don’t get involved with school activities or fundraising. The community was made up of first generation immigrants but frankly they didn’t make our children feel very welcome at all. The kids were congenial at school but avoided the “white minority” for after school play-dates and group projects. We moved away from that area prior to my children attending high school and my daughters’ grades immediately shot up 1 full grade. Their circle of friends expanded and they enjoyed a more traditional Canadian upbringing of Hockey and outdoor activities. Funny now more Asian families are moving into this area for a more typical Canadian life of community and sport but they are second generation and have grown up here. They understand the importance of leaning in and helping the community.

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