This is a solid response, but I fear Medium may fall into the false equivalency trap (already…

I wish there was a way that BLM and Blue lives matter and that all lives matter could find a peaseful way to just talk their differences to each other…..Violence begets more violence and will never stop. There are issues on all sides that have grown so terribly out of control. The plight of BLM is evident by taking a walk through the down trodden areas of our cities that are growing, where unemployment, poor housing, under average schools poverty and hunger can usually be found to be a cause for resentment and anger that leads to guns and knives and destruction of neighborhoods. As far as Blue Lives matter… who today would want to be a cop? They are the middle men who are told mantain law and order and have very little to offer an angry crowd out of control whose “hands up” and “he was unarmed” is not always the case. Please don’t take it out on just any white man in the street. He doesn’t have the answer either. A thought that bothers me is when I read about the billions of dollar gifts we are giving to countries that hate us, shouldn’t this money be used to upgrade conditions for people in our own country??

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