Nintendo Consoles Really Don’t Need to be Super Powerful
Ty Muddle

“Some people will not know what they’re talking about.”

Nintendo is an old Feudal Japan company in the way it thinks and run itself: very backwards, conservative and traditional and that has been its weakness. Nintendo is like that old grandpa that is very slow to adapt to changes especially how fast technology is advancing.

In 1994, PlayStation was respectful enough not to compete after Nintendo’s established kiddie audience and go after the older and mature gamers. That move proved to be Nintendo’s unexpected nemesis. Like most Nintendo fans like to believe, PlayStation’s domination of Nintendo is not about hardware power: it was about a good long term vision.

Nintendo tried to compete with PlayStation in terms of “More Powerful Hardware and More Mature Games” with the N64 & Gamecube but this reactionary move failed to move them to the top and were huge blows to their finances and pride. PlayStation is just way, way advanced in achieving its own vision of the video games industry.

Shigeru Miyamoto said Nintendo can not afford another streak of power play losses like the N64 & Gamecube so they bet safely with the Wii and capitalize on what works best for them: the casual kiddie gamers market.

With hardware and software tailor made for these types of gamers the Wii & DS proved huge success for Nintendo because they have stayed true to themselves. It’s when they are not “competing” that they win in their own terms.

However, this so called “Using State-of-the-Art Technology in Unprecedented Ways” was was just try to differentiate themselves from PlayStation. But Nintendo is known for lawsuits about “stealing” tech already invented by other companies.

Now, through the years the Nintendo brand has kept on backing itself into this niche of kiddie friendly toy company making games for the next generation of kids to play games. It capitalizes and operates on childhood NEStalgia to fuel its machinery.

Thus they kept the Underpowered Overpriced business model because kiddie games do not require hardware and software power like the PS4.

Now it is stuck between a rock and a hardplace: PlayStation and Mobile Gaming.

The Wii U’s two birds-in-one stone effort to capture the casual and mature gamers market was a disaster and will go down in history as their worst selling home console of all time. Also their hardware and franchise software sales has been shrinking as that casual market is shared by mobile gaming and they just can’t touch PlayStation’s domination of the mature gamer’s market. So they put one foot in mobile gaming development.

Now with the Switch Nintendo is consolidating its handheld and home console business into one platform in an effort to streamline its operations. Another two birds-in-one stone effort.

It’s interesting to watch the outcome of this move by Nintendo. Will they succeed or not? Will history repeat itself?

Take off the NEStalgia glasses please it is blurring your vision of reality.

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