What war really is.

There is a lot of fighting going on. Not just this year, but throughout history for humans. So I asked myself one day. Would I die for my country? This is what I discovered. Dying for your country and going to War is a loaded question with so many questions. Breaking down some words commonly used to explain fighting gave me some foundation. I also created a few of my own to help explain further why we as a specie always fighting with each other. Here goes it.

POLITICAL LANGUAGE: Violence acted out cerebrally through Laws or statutes intended to create confusion, deception, knowingly to a person, government, property, or community in order to gain advantages.

COMBATIVE ABUSE: Unsolicited violence acted out physically or verbally to create fear, to control, or seize ownership of a person, property, government, property or community to gain advantages.

WAR: Sometimes called a fight. However that’s not true, War is a declaration by an attacker who gains value or assets by overpowering or enslaving others by implementing Political Language or Combative Abuse to enforce a will.

FIGHT: A combat when one or more warriors or soldiers are engaged in.

DUEL: A duel is when two individuals propose to challenge each other’s skill within a set of rules decided between themselves.

MILITARY: An educational system that teaches an individual ways to fight. A Military is created by a governing party, or individual to carry out wishes or orders. An accepted individual into the military is called an enlisted soldier. Soldiers are property of the military until they are either discharged or have fulfilled their arranged commitment.

SERVICE: A community within the Military made up of soldiers. Upon enrollment the soldier agrees to terms set forth by the governing party or individual that may or may not represent the values of the soldier prior to enlisting. While in service, the Military compensates a their commitment by supplying basic needs, providing educational resources, tools and equipment to fight, and may qualify for certain healthcare at certain points in time. While in service he/she will be subject to a military court of law different then the court of law outside of service. Failure to comply with orders justifies harsh penalties.

SOLDIER: A soldier is someone enlisted in the military who receives assets during and after the completion of their service. Their responsibility is to carry out missions set forth by their employer who may or may not be exhibiting Political Language or Combative Abuse tactics. A soldier goes through a training created by the Military and conditioned to forgo their personal beliefs that may differ from their employer. The genisus of a fight may or may not be understood by the soldier nor required.

WARRIOR: A warrior is someone who engages in a fight against an individual, group, or organization who administrates Political Language or Combative Abuse to harm he/she or others. Their defense is carried out by any means necessary until instigator aborts their assault. A warrior receives no assets during or after a fight except honor by those he or she protected. A warrior never provokes one to fight unless it is to duel.

COUNTRY: A parcel of land which is given a name to communicate ownership by a individual, or group of humans. Also, can be called a territory but which is technically different then the title country. The country’s territorial boundaries are determined by differences of social preferences. Boundaries that separate one country to another may or may not have been acquired through altruistic means. And, the inhabitants within or outside the territory may or may not be agreeable with said government or how the territory was acquired. Therefor, societal pressures may re-shape the boundaries of all nations though the land being occupied may stay unchanged.

PTSD: A mental, emotional and physical punishment exercised upon a soldier by their soul. The replaying of their deeds or participation in an act that will go unconsoulable and unforgiving for as long as the soldier chooses to hide their truth from a community outside the military.

WAR CULTURE: This kind of society depends on broken communities. Broken communities are made up of individuals starved of healthy relationships. Healthy relationship starved individuals gravitate desperately towards whomever or whatever feeds this void. The military solicits to weak individuals by selling the idea of being part of a family. Since it is the government of the society that creates a military, the government must have a concept of human nature. By filling this human need for community, a government will create a pool of willing and formidable soldiers by issuing a level of propaganda. War culture requires the military to be economically viable as well as consistently promoting an ideology that there is always a threat being waged against the territory.

So why do we fight? 1.We fight because we either are humans that choose to use Political Language or Combative Abuse to gain privileges or fulfill social statues ambitions. 2. Because we are spiritually broken,consumed by fear, and choose the war culture to control us. 3. We are warriors who are forced to protect space or ourselves from these aggressors and lost souls.

This is why war is never the answer though fighting can be in certain situations. Opposition of war culture is a fight and there are many ways to go about this fight. So when organizations or individuals get called out for being violent. Are they behaving like soldiers or like warriors? And if I am asked to die for my country, then beware, because you might just be getting fooled to be something you don’t support.

Written for www.thelocksleyproject.com

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