Seth Meyers invites a ‘rogue scientist’ to debunk climate denial of Cruz and Trump
Joe Romm

Typical of left wing media and TP, show only one side of the debate and declare its over, what a joke, why did he not have on any of these scientist who are world leading climate scientist in cause and effect, Dr Roy Spencer, Dr John Christy, Dr Richard Lindzen, Dr Judith Curry, Dr Don Easterbrook, Dr. Will Harper, Dr Robert Balling, Dr. Lucka Bogataj, Dr Rosa Compagnucci, Dr John Daniel, Dr Robert Davis, Dr Willem de Lange, Dr Chris de Freitas ,Dr Oliver Frauenfeld,Dr Andrew Lacis, Dr Garth Poiltridge, Dr Bob Carter and I could present hundreds more, who state the climate change is 99% natural variability..,

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