How Our Game of Thrones Bot Got 4,000 Users in 3 Days
Benjamin Duthoit

Awesome article, very detailed as well!

I don’t really agree with your conclusion though, that you should think about distribution BEFORE you start building. If you read one of your first sentences: “As huge fans of Game of Thrones, we made a survival bot that had you go through the 6th season, with a pinch humor.”, you obviously made something that YOU liked and then found just one website to tell about it. The main reason I disagree with you on this is that thinking doesn’t get the ball rolling and might even become paralyzing, I’d rather make and release 5 bots just to get more experience and credibility than sit, think and strategize for days what the best marketing play is. Again, loved the article and your results, but I’ll choose product over marketing any time ;)

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