Dear Democrats, Read This If You Do Not Understand Why Trump Won
Trent Lapinski

Oh you’re so spot on. The man isn’t even president yet and he’s appointed a guy who doesn’t believe in climate change as the head of the EPA and promises to pull out of the Paris agreement. He’s vowed to nominate a supreme court justice who will overthrow Roe v. Wade. Hate crimes are up which include students walking with Trump signs chanting “White Power” and “Build That Wall” which is ironic considering he’s already said on 60 minutes that he’s not going to build the wall. This was the pathetic cornerstone of his non-existent agenda. I have hispanic and muslim friends who are very fearful right now. The anti-establishment outsider has done nothing but hire establishment insiders. They’re going to push through the right wing agenda because Trump doesn’t have the wherewithall to think for himself. I don’t know about you but I have many friends who are panicking because they are going to lose the benefits that Obamacare provided to millions of people!! The system wasn’t perfect, but Trump and the Republicans have never offered an alternative. Sanders wanted healthcare for all. Trump isn’t going to move in the opposite direction.

Yeah, I read the the Wikileaks. That shameful one sided attempt to influence the election in Donald Trumps favor with obvious influence by Russia. You know what, there were no smoking guns. Never has a politician been more scrutinized, more attacked and accused, forced to me more transparent with her emails, here foundation, her finances and nobody’s ever found shit. FBI investigations, congressional hearings, nothing. Heck the Republicans were even given access to all of her emails when the public wasn’t. You think they would have found something from such an obvious criminal. Yeah, she shouldn’t have had the personal email server. She’s admitted such. This wasn’t a malicious act intending to deceive the country. It was a mistake and wasn’t smart. But again, she wasn’t charged with a crime. You think we wouldn’t find all kinds of dirt on Trump if his business dealings were equally scrutinized? Of course, he never even turned over his tax returns so it’s difficult to say. That doesn’t bother you?

Give me one reason why Trump is qualified to be President. Just one. When he first announce his nomination, the reaction in much of the country was what a joke this is. This reality TV personality, this cartoon character, this classless buffoon is running for president? This is laughable. And somehow people were convinced that he was qualified. Heck, even Glen Beck, the face of right wing extremism, sees what a disaster Trump is. Glen Beck can see but you can’t. Dozens of prominent Republicans refused to support him. The rest of the world is dumbfounded that we could be so stupid and they are laughing at us, although not too hard because they’re fearful about how Trump’s foreign policy will damage international relations. The man has done nothing but offend and run a campaign based on fear and hatred without putting forth any agenda.

Tell me his qualifications. Tell me his plan. We’ve already seen the negatives starting to unfold and it’s only going to get worse.

I can give you a hundred reasons why he shouldn’t be President. Most of them unfolded before our very eyes. Were you not looking? But you’re right, Hillary Clinton — a woman who has devoted her entire life to public service, who has more qualifications and experience to serve her as President in her pinky than Trump has in his whole body, whose political vision aligns with our democratic values — she used a personal e-mail server. 6 one way, half a dozen another.

Is Hillary Clinton a flawed candidate? Yes. Is she a thousand times more qualified to run our country than Trump. Yes.

Can you defend what Trump has put in place already? Can you deny that he’s only continue down this tragic path? I hope you sleep well while our country, which I was once proud of under a president of integrity, compassion, dignity and who pushed for the liberal policies democrats believe in, goes to hell under the “leadership” of an unqualified, classless buffoon, full of hate, and will reverse all of the good that Obama achieved.

Shame on you!

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