3 Reasons to Major in History at University

Finding a major in college can be incredibly difficult, but it’s always worth it to following what truly inspires and interests you.

High school graduation has come and gone, presenting you with the next challenge, finding a good college. An important part of this process is pinning down a major. There are so many options: like Communications, Engineering, or Liberal Arts. However, there is one major often overlooked: A History major. This degree offers more benefits than you would imagine. Here’s three reasons why should consider a major in History.

Jobs and Job Skills

History comes under heavy fire from people who say, “it can’t get you a real job.” On the contrary, many businesses are less concerned about the simple business major and more concerned with basic job skills. Competence in areas like writing, analyzing, and researching, are what companies are looking for nowadays. Even skills like reading efficiently, logical reasoning, and having a broad social awareness put you a step above job competitors. This is exactly what you would learn as a History major. Besides that, there are career paths like being a history teacher. History teachers can make around $70,000 — $125,000 per year; especially if they teach at the College/University level.

Graduate School and Double Major

As you choose majors, it is wise to think ahead. What about the graduate level? A History major can launch you into the graduate school of your dreams. Good grades in a History major will catch people’s attention on your application. It also provides a good platform for double-majors. History, coupled with almost any major is a killer combination for future careers. For example, if you’re interested in politics, a double major in History and Political Science is where you want to start. Modern History is a highly sought-after base of knowledge that will give you an edge. The possible combinations are endless; anything from History-Anthropology, to History-Economics. Also, specific History majors have advantages. For example, studies show that U.S. History has a higher median salary than just History.

Launch New Passions

Your work as a Historian can inspire you to many other pursuits. People have been motivated by their majors in History to become presidents, famous newscasters, lawyers, and influential actors. History provides a good basis for so many careers that it’s no wonder people like Martha Stewart or Facebook’s Chris Hughes used their History majors to launch them to new heights. What are you passionate about? History may provide you the platform to pursue your dreams. Not sure yet? History introduces you to so many new possibilities, you may discover your next passion.

History is not just a boring class about old people and dates in the far past. It’s a relevant, ever evolving subject. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says we can expect a 15 percent job growth for History teaching alone, by 2026. People are starting to see the importance of having a solid knowledge of history: whether that’s Modern History, the History of Science and Technology, Historic Conservation, and more. Consider the value of a History major, a degree with proven potential.