5 Apps for Staying on Top of Your Homework

Keeping up with projects and assignments in school is an integral part of success, but it can be difficult. With multiple classes and deadlines, sometimes, things just slip through the cracks. However, with the right tools, you can prioritize and tackle tasks. Here are some pretty useful apps to help you stay on top of your homework.

Turns out- phones don’t have to be a distraction.

The Homework App

Aptly named, The Homework App is an application that helps you organize your homework. It comes equipped with a calendar, reminders, sub-tasks, and many other tools that work together to help you stay on a deadline. With an easy to use dashboard that lets you see all your upcoming projects at a glance, you can feel confident that your next assignment doesn’t slip by. You can even attach pictures to projects! It’s free in the App Store, but there are in-store purchases available.

iStudiez Pro — Legendary Planner

iStudiez is available on both Android and IOS. With ‘Today View’ you can see updates on your current schedule in real-time. Plus, iStudiez Pro allows you to track your overall grades and GPA. You can organize, and even filter, your assignments by date, priority, pending/completed, and much more. The app also allows you to add on third party calendars. That way, you can share your iStudiez calendar with fellow classmates, family, or friends, so everyone’s up to speed. The iStudiez Pro app is free, with in-app purchases for extra features.

My Study Life

Not only can you track your tasks with My Study Life, you can also manage your classes themselves. You can set notifications for upcoming assignments. Also, you can store previous exams in the app. Study and review are just a tap away, and linked with the correct class. Their seamless planner can divide your classes into daily or weekly rotations, while showing any conflicts in schedule between your classes. This cross-platform planner works with Apple/Android and is totally free.


Omnifocus is a personal task management app made for any situation. It’s easily adaptable to school life: with ‘Actions’, ‘Projects’, ‘Perspectives’, and ‘Review’ where you can easily divide your short term and long term assignments. It will even tell you if a project you entered is overdue, so that you can prioritize it. There are also weekly “Forecasts” that let you take a good look at upcoming tasks for the week. The app has many more features, and they are constantly improving it. Omnifocus is for IOS only and starts at $19.99 for iPhones.

Google Keep

If you prefer planning things out with your own system, consider Google Keep. Like all Google apps, you can access it on any device. It even runs offline. You can write out class notes, or create task lists for assignments. You can also create reminders that will sync with your Google calendar. That way, whether you’re on Keep, Gmail, or Calendar, your projects will always be visible. To stay organized, you can archive notes or projects for a later date.

Peter Russo is a High School teacher. He is currently teaching AP Government and AP Human Geography at Istrouma High School in Baton Rouge, LA.

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