A Teacher’s Favorite Online Education Providers

Hi there! My name is Peter Russo and I am a High School Educator in Baton Rouge, LA. I love helping my students find their passions and develop major skills that will allow them to build a long and successful career. If you have a topic you think would help young minds flourish, please send me a message and I will cover this topic in one of my next blogs. Thanks!

With the cost of college on the rise, and ever-evolving personal needs, many people are turning to online education. Nowadays, many online courses are just as good as college courses, while allowing for more flexibility and less cost. Here are some great online education providers that will help you reach the next level in your learning experience.


Coursera has partnered with top universities to provide over 2,400+ individual courses in many different fields. They offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees, completely online, at a lowered cost. In fact, the initial sign up is completely free. They also provide specialization courses and official certificates for whatever skill you want to learn/improve.

Khan academy

Khan Academy is a well known, non-profit online study website for kids and young adults. They walk through all the major subjects from kindergarten to high school. They also include SAT prep and college admissions help. Khan has a strong STEM focus and boasts solid computer science and engineering courses.


Udemy is a more skills based program with courses starting as low as $11.99. With over 100,000 online courses to choose from, it’s one of the more comprehensive websites. You can learn skills from experts in their field. Their blend of masterclasses and simple tutorials make the curriculum accessible to every learner; from beginner to advanced.


Lynda is another very open online platform for learning. With a $29.99 monthly subscription, you get access to courses in Business, Software Development and more. Lynda has merged with LinkedIn Learning, and this has come with exciting new features. Not only are their courses more personalized, you also automatically get access to LinkedIn Premium’s extensive career features.


Like Coursera, edX provides online classes from several top universities. Student can earn Master’s degrees, Professional Certificates, and participate in many other programs. If you aren’t interested in any certificates and just want to audit a class, it’s absolutely free.


Alison’s workplace-based curriculum specifically creates courses for your dream job. Whether it’s Web Design, Marketing, Accounting, or something else, Alison walks you through real life projects and targeted lessons to help you feel prepared for your next job. They offer diplomas in several different areas that can go directly on a resume. If you’re not sure where to begin, Alison provides a career guide to help you get started.

Language Websites

There are many language apps to help you learn, even if you’re an absolute beginner. Popular apps include: Memrise, Rosetta Stone, Duolingo, and Busuu. They are all free to sign up, with in-app “Pro” features that you can purchase. These apps also work on most devices.

Now that you have a good place to start, consider what you’re passionate about. There are so many online education providers that will help you reach your goals at little to no cost. Whether you’re bolstering your skills for a better job, or pursuing a new creative hobby, there are experts just one click away, ready to teach you!

Peter Russo is a High School teacher. He is currently teaching AP Government and AP Human Geography at Istrouma High School in Baton Rouge, LA.

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