F*ck impostor syndrome — I’m finally learning to code.
Sophia Ciocca

I will say that being a white male, I too experienced imposter syndrome as I walked into my first day of my coding bootcamp 18 months ago (my graduating class consisted of 11 men and 10 women with multiple ethnic backgrounds as well), and still experience it today in my job as a software developer. I’m constantly surrounded by younger, more intelligent, faster learning coders (both male and female) and feel a sense of insecurity every day. I thoroughly believe that everyone who feels this way has the capability to push past this and be a well rounded, successful coder! While this does occur I will say this, having women in technology I feel has been incredibly beneficial(and looong overdue) as they often have a much more creative and detail oriented thought process in our every day practices. So I truly hope your message reaches others who are in the debate of going through this process as it is an awesome one! And I wish you the best of luck in bootcamp, we’ve got your back!!! :Code On:

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