Peter Salzano: Factor to consider for winning voice over Audition

There are a number of elements that make you win the voice over audition. According to Peter Salzano a renowned voice actor and blogger, following are the main components on which you are judged in your audition.

  1. The most important part of any audition is the actual reading performance that you give.
  2. Your speech while you give the audition is crucial, appropriate pauses, the tone all these factors are taken into account by the judge.
  3. Peter Salzano considers appropriate pacing as another component that the judge might rate you.
  4. Accents are not always beneficial but you should be able to learn and deliver the native accents as needed.

The above are some listed factors by Peter Salzano, and focusing on these will surely help you win the auditions.

Written by

Peter Salzano is a former Travel blogger in NY, USA. HE loves writing. Peter J Salzano was born in California and completed his study from the University of CA.

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