Markdown-based blog (or project documentation) using NodeJS

Screenshots of desktop version (MacOS, Safari) and mobile version (iOS, Safari, iPhone 8 Plus)

For personal needs (and for my GitHub, of course) I’ve decided to make some site engine that can be used for project documentation, own blog or for something else.

The idea was inspired by Kotlin documentation (and also thanks for css!).

But their project is too big and has less features (my version only can’t run any code, or maybe doesn’t have a few other small things, but it isn’t a big problem).

Project is ready to use.

And fully configurable from GUI

You can simply clone the repo, run few shell commands and enjoy.

Copy your markdown files to the desired directory, manage access to them and it’s done!

Also you can use visual editor. Yes, inspired by GitHub.

Some features:

  • HTML-generating on-the-fly from the Markdown files (generated HTML not stored).
  • Left-side navigation is generated too (based on user access rights).
  • Dynamic management of permissions: create group (role) and specify list of users for this group and list of directories and articles that they’re can see.
  • Search in all articles (according to user access rights).
  • Visual editor with preview of result page and syntax highlight.
  • All settings and access rights are fully configurable with GUI. Settings page is generated too, so you can simply add more settings.
  • Abilities to add/edit/delete articles with GUI or by simple copying and deleting files. All manual actions will be indexed — feel free to add any articles by simple copying.
  • Kramdown used for markdown-to-html conversion, so you can use all it’s features.
  • Nice looking & adaptive design.
A lot of small features like copy buttons for code snippets, relative links for all headers, etc

Source code and more info on GitHub:

Demo is available here:

Login: demouser Password: 111

I’m not NodeJS developer and even not back-end developer at the moment, but sometimes I like to make some interesting projects.

Project is not so big but it is unlikely to fit all development story into one article. If anyone is interested, I can write few articles.