If I were a Republican

If I were a Republican, which I’m not, I’d be getting all my papers in order for a leadership change soon after January 20th. More specifically, if I were Paul Ryan or anyone in the GOP House Leadership, I would be salivating to impeach Donald Trump once he becomes President.

Maybe you’ve noticed that Tiny hands has a bit of a personality disorder. Perhaps you’ve come to understand that he doesn’t have any principles and that he’s taken an unhealthy interest in his own daughter and extremely young girls.

You know what? I think plenty of Republicans realize this, too. Yeah, I really do. Maybe I’m giving them too much credit, but wouldn’t it be easier for them if someone like Mike Pence held the reigns of the government instead? Don’t you think it’s possible that they’re just biding their time, taking the shit, until they can bring down the hammer on him?

Yeah, sure, Trump won the Electoral College. But he’s getting killed in the popular vote and is probably the least popular President in the history of the country, even before taking office. I don’t need to go over his almost immediate violation of the Constitution should he choose not to divest himself of his company. And he’s literally making up policy on the fly without regard to national stability, a little something called the Constitution, or common sense. These things come together to give the GOP a perfect storm for removing Orange Hitler from office.

Imagine what will happen if they DON’T remove him from office. The stories of potential corruption, conflicts of interest, and self-enrichment are popping every single day. Will that change once he’s in office? Hell no. So, if they don’t impeach Ivanka’s daddy, they will watch the leader of their party be dragged through the sewers, just so he’ll sign off on their bills? How’s that going to work? They’ll let themselves get killed in the mid-terms? Lose the Presidency for sure in four years?

I don’t think so.

Mike Pence can sign their bills. In fact, it will probably be easier for them to convince him to sign their bills than it will be the Trumpenfuhrer. Sure, Pence has some religious delusions and is a bigot, but he’s a bigot who doesn’t start Twitter trade wars and believes in the free market. He’s got experience as the terribly unpopular Governor of a state. And he seems to have a fondness for the Constitution somewhere in his cold, cold heart.

Plus, it makes the GOP not look like complete hypocrites for scolding I’m-With-Her over appearances of impropriety with that Foundation she’s got, and the whole email thing. I mean does any of that seem important compared to a guy who’s mixing business conversations with the work of the nation? He’s already profiting off of his position guys! Hello? The President-elect owns a hotel five blocks from the White House! What foreign emissary wouldn’t stay there to get on Fuckface von Clownstick’s good side.

Not saying this is a definite. But I think, we’ve got to consider the possibility that Trump won’t last more than six months in office.

Or maybe not.

But a guy can dream, can’t he?