“…to become children of God”

Last night a small group of us met at a local coffee shop and discussed the beginning of the book of John. The beginning of John is this beautiful, poetic, complex, and yet in a strange way very simple statement of who Jesus was and what he has done for humanity.

One of the key lines is this idea that everyone who trusts in Jesus as the revelation of the Creator God — everyone who trusts that when we look at Jesus we see the God who made everything — is given the right/authority/ability to be known as a child of God.

It’s such an important idea. Our family identity, if we trust in God, comes first and foremost from the one who made everything and is making everything right. We take our identity from our adoption by God. God says to us, every day, “That’s my kid. I love that kid like crazy.”

What a family to be a part of. What good news. What a life to get to live.

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