Are politics overrated?

Vote now?

Forget how the media portrays the voting process or what the most popular twitter hot take is at the current time, but ask yourself are they overrated? (Take a second)

We hype our favourite candidates up not only in the idea that they will change problems that have lingered for decades but also to end the current chapter of greed, treachery and misspent tax money, while surging into a new beginning which we presume will start a clear, clean an far less corrupt one.

We tell all our friends, family, neighbors who we are going to vote for an why truly believing every word that comes out of their mouths.

All media platforms cover the grand finale on election night while we spend the final few hours going over all the candidates polices one final time, in hopes of finding some affirmative attachment within ourself’s convincing us that we are making the right decision.

As quick as a bursting bulb its over.. leaving us to pick up the pieces caused by a world wind of confusion and discontent, leaving the only postive outcome being the guaranteed chance to do it all again in four years time.