Hindsight is cruel and crafty

or How I discovered my 20% time

Routeburn Trek, a view from my road to redemption (300 miles in one month in NZ)

Life is full of chapters, and mine has closed on two significant ones. One at home, one at work, with parallels I am still unpacking.

It’s been the most challenging and rewarding years of my life, it’s hard to prioritize purpose and passion in an “always on” world. To turn self awareness into self control. To avoid the trap of victimhood and realize we each have choices no one can take from us. To understand you can live an island life as an army of one, but partnership is is the root of value and meaning.

It’s a struggle to align your personal and professional north stars, and hindsight is a bitch.

When my marriage collapsed, a friend told me: “How you leave one relationship determines your ability to enter the next.” I put in the work, asked for help, and walked a healthy steady path to resolution. I had to.

It allowed me to find myself and my future, a love that rose like a phoenix from the ashes of my past, that life that looked best on paper. I thank Life and my village of family and friends. I thank myself.

That same advice, to give as much thought and attention to how you close a door as you do walking through one, is just as true in business.

My head is now focused on my professional future, with a pride knowing I kicked ass at Neo through the shit storms, both mine and our startups. With a wish I had worked with peers more solidly at times, but a confidence in what I accomplished. The clients I brought in and teammates I recruited were instrumental in our survival and success, and led to our acquisition.

I have a better sense of the value of my super powers (maximizer, woo, strategic, achiever, FTW!) and a deeper understanding around how my greatest strengths can also be an achilles heel.

Despite my innate drive to fix things and be helpful, to take one more item off the pile, cross one more thing off a To-Do list, I now respect the importance of investing more significantly in communication and shared understanding. Life is more nuanced than check boxes on paper. It’s Getting (less) Things Done and promoting fewer things to greater impact. Polishing artifacts of understanding and carving out space to sync and share is not busy work, it’s teamwork. It surfaces misalignment early, which can be awkward but critical for awesome to emerge.

It’s my new 20% time, in life and business. Hindsight is cruel but crafty like that.

Peace be with you, and also with yours.
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