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In the world of globalized economies, where the world which we used to know to be a sphere of diverse cultures has gone “Flat”. It is a globally accepted phenomenon that apart from the physical and structural role played by international borders, logically and virtually they don’t exist. This phenomenon has changed the way people used to think about the world and even the business models they used to work on. The greatest gift of globalization is outsourcing and offshoring. Businesses are not bound by territorial or any other limits as far as operations are concerned. In the digital world of today diversity and technology has made things more profitable and efficient for us.

dgs world provides outsourced online customer acquisition services and solutions to large consumer-based businesses and businesses offering products and services to a business audience. A business that is looking forward to gaining online audience can avail our services by considering to purchase advertisement from sources including search engines and other vendors or by getting a customer or individual to a certain website or a sales center and eventually providing their products and services to an interested individual. dgs provides outsourced solutions to businesses for some or all components of this set of online customer acquisition services. Being outsourcers, dgs procures paid search advertising, develop and manage branded web sales portals, and establish and maintain sales centers for its clients. Organizations that seek growth in online customer acquisition processes benefit from the services rendered by dgs. This starts where dgs maintains and makes use of proprietary databases and algorithms that makes it possible to procure online advertising at a cost effective rate and motivates individuals to make a purchase or look at the offered products. Followed by this, dgs has experts in website optimization and sales center for effective sales and superior level of sales conversions. Finally, dgs offers its services on a fee per sale basis where clients pay dgs a certain amount as a pre-negotiated commission for each sale that is made from the dgs platform. dgs has a history of working with a focus to provide services to US-based telecommunication sector and related companies. The organization expanded its operations in Canada and Mexico and our seeking growth in Latin America, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions. Growth is also expected in other sectors including retail banking and consumer technology etc.

Digital Globe Services (dgs world) is also offering affiliate programs as powered by dgsAPI. This provides affiliates a great opportunity for dealers or affiliates to expand their current product portfolios in the telecom and home services sector. Bundle dealer is one of a kind opportunity that provides dealers the capability to analyze service providers for a particular region and the complete order in an effective manner online. The two key features offered by Bundle Dealer:

Order Entry level, wherein offers that an audience belonging to a certain location can be searched and tracked. Apart from this, you can filter offers by service providers, product and/or price range. Likewise, you can compare services according to features and share results and much more.

Dealer Management gets you access to all dealer management tools in a centralized way, add/remove service providers and offers on a product and other amenities required to streamline business processes.

So signup here and become one of the affiliates who are gaining more value on their business and are experiencing expansions beyond imagination.