Looking for Great Digital TV Bundles? Go for AT&T U-verse Bundles

All digital TV bundle providers aren’t the same. If you’re looking for a digital TV provider that offers great deals look no further than AT&T U-verse. Providing TV service through a reliable fiber optic network they are far ahead of the competition allowing you to record up to four programs in one go.

Record Four Shows at once

If you’re a viewer that loves TV and has a lot of favorite shows, a DVR capable of recording more than two shows can be a huge benefit. AT&T U-verse DVR allows customers to record up to four shows at once. With plenty of hard drive space, you can record 233 hours of standard definition television, and up to 85 hours of high definition. If you’re serious about watching and recording your favorite shows, there’s no better choice than the U-verse DVR.

Huge Channel Selection

You can choose from a number of different TV packages that AT&T U-verse offers. From a variety of local programs, sports, kids, family, lifestyle and entertainment channels, U-verse also offers premium channels and movie channels, as well as access to pay-per-view events. With up to 440 channels, 180 plus in HD, there’s a channel for everyone. All channels won’t be available in every region, so be sure to check with U-verse® representatives for specific offerings in your area.

Fiber Optic Network for Clearer Pictures and Lightning Fast Internet

With AT&T U-verse’s fiber optic network you get a high-quality signal that provides a high-quality picture. And if you want to bundle TV and Internet the speeds that you get with fiber optic networks is phenomenal. If you live in a fiber optic networks area AT&T U-verse is definitely worth looking into.

Competitive Basic Packages

Not everyone wants every possible channel and the highest quality DVR. With U-verse you can enjoy your favorite channels at only $80.00 a month for 24 months when you bundle with Internet. But if you only want their TV package they start from $50,00 per month for 12 months offering 200 channels going up to $125 per month for 12 months with over 550 channels plus apps. Whatever your options, if you’re looking for a low cost bundle, any one of the ATT U verse bundles may be the option for you. Be sure to check with AT&T U-verse for local pricing. Happy viewing.

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