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Today’s digitally savvy family needs smart technology and smarter internet. As the number of devices owned per consumer increases, so does the need for faster internet. The average consumer now owns 3.64 connected digital devices. This means the typical household will have between 9–18 devices connected to the internet and soon fast broadband will be a must-have for homes.

Choosing a service that fits your needs is often tough because there are tons of internet service providers out there. Plus, all that technical jargon is like navigating a labyrinth of acronyms and mumbo-jumbo. You will be overwhelmed with figuring out what in the world bandwidth limitations, download rates, upload rates, Mbps, Gbps, bits/second, and bytes/per second have to do with your internet needs. Most people get frustrated and simply make a decision based on the cost of the plan and end up picking the most or least expensive plan. This is not a smart decision by any means. The first thing you need to do is determine your internet needs and then map the available packages to find the best fit.

According to the U.S FCC (Federal Communications Commission), there are a couple of general categories of household internet usage. Determine which category your internet needs fall into and you will find the perfect plan for you home.

1. Light Usage

The home falls in this category if you only use the internet for basic activities such as surfing, email and streaming standard definition video. At this level of usage, 1–3 devices can be used simultaneously without major issues.

· Recommended Speed: 1–2 Mbps
· Recommended Speed for >4 devices: 6–15 Mbps

2. Moderate Usage

This usage level involves basic functions plus a high-demand device/application such as online gaming, watching high-definition video or live video conferencing. 1–2 devices can be connected simultaneously without significant performance issues.

· Recommended Speed: 1–2 Mbps
· Recommended Speed for >3 devices: 6–15 Mbps

3. High Usage

This category involves using more than one high-demand application simultaneously. Even if one device is using the connection, a speed of 6 Mbps or more is recommended.

· Recommended Speed: > 15 Mbps
· Recommended Speed for 1 device: 6–15 Mbps

Reputable providers such as Mediacom internet will provide a choice of plans in order to accommodate all categories of households. Determine which category your household internet usage falls under and you are well on your way to choosing the perfect provider!

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